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Ranking 44 LA Neighborhoods by the Price of Their Pizza

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Los Angeles is not acclaimed for its pizza, which in fact has been perfected in the US only along a very small swath of the East Coast (unless you're some kind of pizza-pillow-loving monster who "gets" Chicago pizza), and yet—even in a city with a weird aversion to gluten and a phobia about carbs,
—one must eat pizza. The guys over at NPR's Planet Money have been crunching a lot of pizza-related numbers in the past few days—they found that it's more economical to buy a bigger pizza—and so they decided to graph the median prices for cheese pizza in (almost) every neighborhood in five different cities (the size of the bubble represents the number of pizza places). In Los Angeles, you'll find the most expensive pizza in Echo Park (Two Boots, Pizza Buona), and the cheapest in Tarzana (Domino's probably?).

· The Price Of A Pizza In 237 U.S. Neighborhoods [NPR]