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1907 Bungalow on Half-Acre Lot in Eagle Rock Asking $450k

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According to public records, this 1907 bungalow in eastern Eagle Rock last sold in 2007 for $727,000. It's been on and off the market a few times since then and is now returning in a short sale. Per the description, the 1,392-square-foot house features a "large renovated kitchen, 2 bedrooms with French doors opening to back patio, hardwood floors, original built-in buffet in formal dining room with French doors opening to wood deck, office, large walk-in basement & updated operating systems." It's also got a sizable, albeit scruffy, lot of more than half an acre. Asking price is $450,000, which sounds like a bargain; however, the listing also specifies cash sale terms.

· 6256 Crestwood Way [Redfin]