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(Literal) Fault-Finding Underway at Millennium Hollywood Site

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Handel Architects

Up until a couple of months ago, the complaints that the two towers of the controversial Millennium Hollywood complex were planned for a site right on top of a fault were based only on speculation. Then, geologists submitted a preliminary map of the fault and found that, actually, it kind of seemed like the very fervent opposition to the project was correct and that Millennium might be dangerously (and illegally) close to a fault. (It also showed that the fault might be too close to the already-under-construction Blvd6200 project.) In light of the information, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce issued a statement explaining that the project was not dead, and that developers Millennium Partners would just need to do "additional seismic work" to see exactly where the fault was. Now, it looks like the developers have started to do just that.

Two tipsters have sent us photos of what may look like nothing more than a bunch of dirt moving around just east of the site where the towers would be, but is actually a trench study, considered "the gold standard for fault-finding" by seismic experts. If, after all that digging in the dirt, a fault is found to intersect the property, the towers would have to be redesigned to be at least 50 feet away from the fault, in accordance with state law. There would, of course, also be a renewed fervor among those who already don't like the project and have sued to stop it.
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