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Rival Arts District Beautifiers Have Made Peace, Joined Forces

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Peace in the AD! A compromise has been reached in the three year-long battle over the Arts District Business Improvement District, which is tasked with keeping the streets safe and clean, but was shut down last year by a lawsuit claiming the BID was improperly sticking its nose in economic development issues. A new BID will combine two rival groups who have been fighting for controlArts District Los Angeles will expand its board of directors from 16 to 23 seats (that's a lot of cooks in the kitchen), which will include four seats from a formerly competing BID called the Arts District Community Council Los Angeles. ADLA will also mollify ADCCLA by increasing the number of homeowner association board seats from two to five. All the bureaucratic dealings to make the new BID official will happen this week, according to a press release from City Councilmember Jose Huizar, who helped broker the peace deal. Before a judge disbanded the BID last May, the organization charged assessments from local property owners to fund bike patrols, garbage cleanup, and other beautification services. When it went kaput, crime reportedly rose and the streets started looking like shit again.
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