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Fact: Sharks Are in the Venice Canals Right Now

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We're not going to need a bigger boat, but it's true—there are finally confirmed sightings of leopard sharks cruising through the Venice Canals. A woman walking along the Grand Canal saw what she thought might be sharks, "two or three feet long ... swimming in two pairs" and did what any of us would have done: she took a picture with her phone and put it up on Twitter. The Santa Monica Aquarium responded to her tweet, confirming that they were indeed leopard sharks, and that they probably didn't pose a threat to people. An aquarium official suspects that the sharks "entered Ballona Lagoon through tidal gates and passed through the culvert under Washington Boulevard to reach the canals." Crafty! It is also supposed that they'll leave the same way they came in before they grow to their normal, five-foot length. The countdown to the sharks getting themselves a Twitter account like the Griffith Park mountain lion has begun.
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