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Trendiest Mattress Store in LA Covered in Famous Street Art

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Before this Beverly Grove storefront shilled mattresses, a reader writes, it was the Michael Kohn Gallery, where street artist RETNA, "a graffiti artist who'd made the leap to bad boy of the respected art world," had covered the entire façade of the building with "beautiful silver 'runes'-- his signature graffiti-style written language" as part of his show there. The runes stayed up as other shows came and went, and, eventually, even after the gallery itself left the building and was replaced by something more plebeian. What we're left with now is the most cultured mattress store this city has ever seen, shimmering with metallic embellishment. There's no estimate on how much the art covering the building is worth, but a 24-by-18-inch piece by RETNA starts at $1,800 on the art auction site artnet, so we're guessing the value of this Ortho store is sky-high.

· Eastern Realm (Grey), 2014 [Artnet]