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Did a Modernist Master's Dream Home Just Sell as a Teardown?

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Prominent mid-century architect William Krisel built dozens of modernist houses throughout Southern California, but this one—his "dream home"—he built for himself and his wife, on a plot in the Crestwood Hills utopian community in Brentwood. The house was a subject for famed photographer Julius Shulman and some of the resulting pictures of the Krisel residence, now in the Getty's Krisel Archive, can be seen here. (Shulman eventually shot many more of Krisel's works.) With a background like that, you would think the brokerbabble for the house's listing would be an epic ode, and yet when it went up for sale for the first time ever earlier this year, there wasn't any mention of the its heritage or even a humblebrag about the architect; instead, the house was described as a "tremendous Brentwood opportunity" for expansion of the existing home or to "redevelop on a grand scale."

Listing photos mostly showed the lot, and there were none of the interior of the house. As one reader wrote, "due to the recent property boom on Tigertail [Road], the land values have doubled in the last 2 years," and the same reader fears that this architectural masterpiece is being sold as a teardown. According to Blockshopper, the house and its land supposedly sold for $3 million (it was asking $4.26 million originally) just a little over a week ago to a shadowy group named Tigertail Llc, which doesn't sound good.

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