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See LA's Far-Reaching Web of Options For Getting Out of Town

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[Map by the American Intercity Bus Riders Association]

We know that Los Angeles's metropolitan public transit is on the fast-track to awesome. Downtown's Regional Connector rail line has just gotten a nice little federal boost and there's been an unexpectedly big demand for the Expo Line as it exists now (just wait until the second phase to Santa Monica wraps). But what about getting outside of the city? A group named the American Intercity Bus Riders Union (who sound like a great bunch of people to know if your car overheats in the desert) have mapped all the Amtrak train and bus carrier routes (Greyhound, Peter Pan, etc.) throughout the continental US, and the resulting spiderweb of possibilities will surely give you some major wanderlust. These are not pipe dreams; these are options that already exist.

LA's network is impressive considering its bad reputation and famous sprawl; the Huffington Post notes that "Even Southern California, the land of perpetual gridlock, has an impressive array of train and bus options (especially for your weekend bender to Las Vegas)." The royal blue lines denote Amtrak service; the gray and green lines are Greyhound bus routes, and the remaining lines are other bus operators like Coach USA, some of which connect with Greyhound seamlessly without even requiring a new ticket.
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