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Halting Hollywood Building Permits, Metropolis Breaks Ground

[Take a look at 6 visions for what we can do to transform the LA River]

This Week's Top Stories: All hell broke loose earlier this week (unless that requires a building permit) as news leaked out that the successful challenge to the Hollywood Community Plan by anti-development neighbors had resulted in a halt to issuance of new building permits throughout the community. Woof. An apartment building owner in North Hollywood is keeping her building pet friendly by requiring tenants to have a pet or else get out. The big Chinese-led Metropolis development in Downtown LA broke ground this week, with Phase 1 of the project featuring a residential tower and 19 story hotel. Curbed staff were horrified to see that the east-side, west-side debate will not die as those instigators at the LA Times asked people where the line dividing the two sides is located at, and then reported on what they found out. According to statistics, it is once again cheaper to rent in Los Angeles than to own a home. A potentially charming, and very affordable unit in an East Hollywood complex has just popped up on Craigslist, but the commenters say something seems off with the listing. Here's your history lesson for the week: Read about the Mother of Hollywood, Daeida Wilcox Beveridge, including how Hollywood was envisioned as an "alcohol-free, cultured Christian community."