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Cornerspotted: Venice Boulevard and Motor Avenue in Palms

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Reader effron guessed the location first, but Joe Dirte knew that the old post office and the three adjacent storefronts from this black-and-white photo from the 1940s are now a mostly-stuccoed military surplus store at Venice Boulevard and Motor Avenue in Palms. There's still a USPS outpost nearby; if you continue northwest on Motor Avenue, you'll hit the newer, much larger mail haven. Thanks to flood control measures, the Ballona Valley is relatively dry now, but "knee-deep inundation" used to be a regular occurrence in the area. A photo from a year prior shows similar flooding just west, on Venice and Greenfield Avenue, where the popular watering hole Bigfoot West is now.
· Hint: Where Was This Flooded Post Office in the 1940s? [Curbed LA]