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Pets Strictly Required at North Hollywood Apartment Building

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Landlords are notoriously bitchy about pets (Dog deposit? Why no baby deposit?), but there's one woman out in North Hollywood who's flipped that upside down. In her experience, pet owners are ideal tenants, kind people who pay their rent on time, so you cannot rent in her 12-unit apartment complex unless you have a dog or cat. How strict is this pets policy? "If a pet dies, she takes the tenant to the animal shelter to adopt a new one. It's either that or move," reports the LA Daily News. No word on whether bereaved pets get a new human if the tables are turned. We envy this woman's positive experiences with pet owners; the people in her complex must be the only ones in the city who pick up after their dogs.

Tenants in the NoHo building can have up to three neutered cats and up to two dogs of any size (yes, people have had Great Danes). The animals have to be well-behaved and are actually interviewed before the tenant is.

It's actually not illegal to refuse to rent to someone who does or doesn't have a pet, a spokesperson for the city attorney says. How is this not discrimination against the dog- and cat-free, or against people with weird, exotic pets? The federal Fair Housing Act, which prohibits discrimination based on race, gender, and religion, doesn't mention pet ownership, that's how. The apartments are pretty affordable (two-bedrooms start at $1,500 a month), but there are rarely any vacancies.
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