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Dramatic Before and Afters From York Blvd.'s Gentrification

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[All images via Eastsider LA]

Highland Park has been on a steady, upward trajectory for years, but even in just the last two or so things have really exploded and there have been some very noticeable changes on the famous York Boulevard, which sits at the center of the gentrification action. Over at Eastsider LA, they've put together a collection of images of prominent sites in the neighborhood, from both 2011 (taken by Google Street View) and today. In 2011, Highland Park was already a cool place to be and houses were flipping like mad, but the changes since then are still dramatic. A walk down the super-cool York reveals a gentrification takeover that is quite far along, though not quite complete, with formerly vacant storefronts filling up with fancy businesses and others still empty and waiting. Here are three before and afters; click over to Eastsider for many, many more.

Two empty businesses filled with foodie-favorite Scoops and a $5-doughnut shop.

A vacant Western Union became a comic book store.
· What a difference 2+ years makes on York Boulevard [Eastsider LA]