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HiFi Western Gateway Gets Spruced Up to Welcome Gentrifiers

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Historic Filipinotown's Temple Street has seen an uptick in developer interest lately (despite residents' efforts), with three projects in the pipeline, plus the proposed condos that are pushing out the venerable LA Derby Dolls. It makes sense that this Silver Lake/Echo Park-adjacent 'hood would prime itself to welcome those priced out of the more well-known nearby neighborhoods. No surprise that they are literally paving the way for folks to come in from Silver Lake: The city has just finished the Filipinotown Western Gateway project, which added a new sidewalk and some urban greenery to the formerly sad, brown slope where Temple Street goes over Silver Lake Boulevard. The project also included an official-looking stone marker emblazoned with the neighborhood's name. Let the countdown to artisanal coffee on Temple begin.
· Three New Projects May Finally Bring the Hipsters to Temple Street In Historic Filipinotown [Curbed LA]