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Buy USC's Solar Decathlon Prototype House For $250,000

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Looking to scale back on your electricity use? Now's your chance to go solar in this modern, two-bedroom, two-bathroom, fully sun-powered house. The house (called fluxHome) was conceived and constructed entirely by students at USC's School of Architecture for the 2013 Solar Decathlon competition. Tthe challenge: to create "1,000 square foot solar-powered houses that are affordable, energy-efficient, and innovative.") Now it's on the school's property, needs to be moved, and is priced to sell. The only caveat: If you buy it, you've got to haul it by March 15. The 960-square-foot pad looks a lot sleeker and cooler (pun intended) than some of the designs from previous years' competitions and has an open floor plan, a sleeping porch, multiple verandas, and retractable skylights. Its lighting systems are both natural and artificial (for maximum efficiency, of course) and it employs passive cooling and ventilation to keep temperatures down. The asking price is a mere $250,000. Now where to put it ....

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