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Watch West Hollywood's Future Robot Parking Garage in Action

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It's taken four years, but West Hollywood will finally be getting its futuristic automated parking garage, right next door to rainbow-flag-flying WeHo City Hall. The garage will use motorized shuttles and conveyors to offer a "valet-like" parking experience minus the fleshy humans doing all the leg-work. The three-story, 200-space structure will connect to city hall via a 25-foot-wide public plaza that will feature drought-tolerant landscaping and a public art installation, the official press release says. There will also be four large glass windows on the Sweetzer Avenue side so passers-by can watch the soothing, Tetris-like movements of the cars being parked by robots that will surely grow sentient and rise up within the next decade. See what will go on in WeHo's garage with a honky-tonk-soundtracked video walk-through down below.

Chinatown's Lotus Garden apartments has a similar parking garage, but WeHo's project is the first municipal robo-parking on the West Coast. The project will break ground in March, and, from then on, you'll have to temporarily park elsewhere until August 2015, when they're anticipating the garage will be complete.

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West Hollywood City Hall

8300 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069