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The Valley is Going to Get Its Own Arts Center in Tarzana

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The Valley may be known for malls and its famous accent, but some creative types in Tarzana are hoping to open a gathering place for the Valley's many artists that will allow people to see just what a hub of fine-arts culture the locale is (seriously!). The San Fernando Valley Arts Council has a lease pending for a building (currently under construction) that, if approved, would house the Valley's only public arts and cultural center for local artists and performers, according to the LA Daily News. The San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center would have galleries and host workshops and performances, plus serve as a "a community hub and creative space" for the area's artists and performers—something that they presently have to travel to find. Mayor Garcetti, a Valley guy himself, this month pledged $10,000 toward getting the project off the ground; after that, revenue will come from workshop fees and $40 memberships to the Center. If the lease goes through, the 4,600-square-foot center's programming could start as early as next month.
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