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Greening DTLA's Industrial Areas With Help From the Homeless

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A group called Industrial District Green is working to add desperately-needed foliage and greenery to the cement-laden industrial neighborhoods of DTLA—Skid Row resident Katherine McNenny formed the group last year with Arts District resident and landscape architect Gabrielle Newmark and they've already planted 26 trees and a few small gardens around eastern Downtown. Now it just has to figure out how to keep them alive, since the city doesn't provide maintenance or watering services and new trees need five years of water for their roots to take hold. IDG, which relies on grants and donations, held a meeting last week to raise money for their effort. Part of their plan moving forward involves linking up with the homeless service group Chrysalis and hiring formerly homeless people to help care for the trees. If that plan works, Seventh Street will be the first to get new saplings.
· Industrial District Green [Official Site]