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How LA is Managing the Stop on Hollywood Building Permits

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Yesterday we reported the triumph of Hollywood NIMBYs in getting a temporary injunction on building permits in the neighborhood covered by the far-reaching Hollywood Community Plan, but this morning the Planning Department issued some guidelines so that many projects can still get through the works. (The HCP was voided by a suit brought against the city by neighbor groups infamous for lawyering up; the judge issued an injunction against any projects covered by the HCP.) LandUseLA reports that the Planning Department and the Department Building and Safety have put out a new policy clarifying that they'll be able to keep approving most projects, with just a little extra work.

The good news is that most projects will be able to get clearance to proceed, though they will need one more step of review by city planners. The bad news is that LandUseLA found about 28 projects that are still on hold for an as-yet-undetermined amount of time ("until the City Council passes legislation that addresses the court's concerns") because they're dependent on the HCP or have to do with zoning changes within the plan's borders. Those projects range from the small (changes to the size of a yard) to the grand (seven new mausoleums for Hollywood Forever Cemetery) to the economy-goosing (mixed-users, hotels).

The city has asked the Planning Department to come back in a month with a timeline for fixing the plan, but that doesn't mean the delays and stops on permits will end then; in fact, the new or altered plan will have to go through the same public approval rigmarole that the currently flawed one did. That process went through about a decade of a back and forth, although in this case most of the groundwork has already been laid (the NIMBYs are obviously still ready to fight, however). Before the voided version, the Hollywood Community Plan was last updated in 1988.
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