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The Hottest Instagram Spots in Los Angeles Right This Second

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A new app called HereFeed (via our pals at Curbed NY) allows anyone with an Instagram account to see in real time where people are taking and posting Instagram photos. The size of the pink circle denotes how "hot" the spot is in terms of Instagrams taken. When we checked in this afternoon, the biggest pink spots popped up at places with pretty food (Bottega Louie, a couple of Lemonade cafes, the Ivy) and at obviously popular tourist spots (the Getty, La Brea Tar Pits, Amoeba Records). You can really zoom in there, clicking on the pink circle to see the photo that was just taken and posted. It also offers you a down-to-the-block view of where people are taking and sharing photos. Creepy, but also cool.

The "top" tab shows the all-time most photographed places, and the hottest spots are not particularly picturesque. Number one? LAX, followed by the Staples Center and the Santa Monica Pier. It makes sense that these tourist hubs are the top three, but we still don't really want to look at them all that much. Clicking the "recent" button yields those real-time Instagrams, and it is here where you really see the way that people use Instagram. The vast majority of pictures are of food waiting to be eaten, though we did see some people taking pictures at the Playboy Grotto, which they will no doubt use to prove to their friends they were actually there. You can also browse other locations, like Sochi or San Diego.
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La Brea Tar Pits

5801 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036