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1963 William H. Doheny Estate in Bel Air Up For Grabs For First Time Asking $45 Million

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Late last week, one of Los Angeles's most socially and historically prominent families, the Dohenys, released a choice chunk of their real estate holdings onto the open market for the first time. Now up for grabs is the 3.63-acre property located "inside the East Gate of Old Bel-Air" that was once home to William H. Doheny Sr. and his wife, Onnalee Olson Doheny. The grandson of oil baron Edward Doheny, William Doheny served as director of the board of Unocal for decades before his death in 2003; his widow, a philanthropist, passed away this past October. Per the listing, which is still quite bare-bones as of this writing, the estate's residence is "a two story Hollywood Regency" built in 1963. The 10,000-square-foot house features eight bedrooms, a conflicting number of bathrooms, terrazzo floors, a sun room, a billiards room, a library, a card room, separate staff and guest quarters, a pool, and "parking for approximately 15 cars." Asking price is a hefty $45 million.

· 475 Bel Air Road [Estately]