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Metro Wants Overhaul For Possibly Explosive Glendale Crossing

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If you've visited Golden Road Brewery in Glendale, you've probably passed through the janky, street-level Metrolink rail crossing where Doran Street meets San Fernando Road. But now Metro and the California High Speed Rail Authority might be collaborating on a plan to make these dangerous tracks, right on the Glendale-Los Angeles border, a little safer. The Doran Street crossing had previously been identified as having "the highest potential for disaster" of 312 surveyed, the LA Times reports, largely because the crossing is right by a propane center, sees lots of tanker truck traffic, and has many cars that stop right on the tracks. Glendale's wanted the crossing closed for years, but LA wants to keep it open so first responders will have easy access to the industrial area. That a solution is needed is not up for debate; what is up in the air is what form that solution should take.

The alternatives posed all call for a new overpass, but the placement of the overpass is still under review. Suggestions so far include "a flyover that spans Doran Street and loops around Commercial Street on the Glendale side of the tracks [or extending] Doran Street on the L.A. side north under the 134 Freeway to connect with Fairmont Avenue, as well as an overpass that would extend from California Street to Exchange and Sperry streets." The cost of the overpass is not yet finalized because it's not been determined where it will be built, but Metro's already set aside $40 million for the endeavor, and it's hoping that the CaHSRA will kick in some money, too. The overpass and road alterations be not only for the current train, but also to prepare the crossing for high-speed rail, if it ever gets its act together.
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