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Tiny Square of Expensive Wall Up For Sale at Hollywood & Vine

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There's 1,300 square feet of wall up for sale at the very busy intersection of Hollywood and Vine: Developer Kor Group has listed a 36-foot by 36-foot section of Vine-fronting wall on the side of the Broadway Hollywood condos—that's rare because billboard space is usually leased or sold with attached real estate (in this case, "the developer opted not to package it for sale along with the building's ground-floor retail last year," according to the LA Business Journal), and because this tiny bit of real estate on a very high-traffic corner is fully permitted for neon signage. The real estate agent won't say what the asking price is (he expects it to go "for a high price"), but to give you a pretty vague idea of its value: "Kor has received proposals to lease the space for as much as $30,000 a month, or $360,000 a year."
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