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49 Gated Townhouses by Paramount Start in the $700,000s

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The ribbon will be cut on Saturday for 5112 Melrose, a new, gated development built under Los Angeles's small lot subdivision ordinance (which allows a bunch of houses on a single lot) on a former grassy lot in Larchmont/South Hollywood (SoHo?). The 49 townhouses from Miami-based developer Lennar are all three stories and start in the $700,000s, with most running about 1,700 square feet and featuring rooftop decks, at least two bedrooms, and lots of parking—what more would you expect from a gated community? The idea of a gated complex in this area—or really anywhere—is pretty strange, especially since Lennar describes the neighborhood as "hip," "trendy," and "luxury" (if it were a few blocks to the west, those descriptions wouldn't be quite such a stretch). Regardless, those kitchens and decks look nice.

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