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Beautiful Photos of Wilshire's "Ultramodernist" 1930s Mini-Golf

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For last week's Cornerspotter game, we spotted a 1930s drugstore at La Cienega and Wilshire in Beverly Hills, which prompted reader @BHScanner to send us some really gorgeous shots of the property even earlier, when it was a miniature golf course owned by Mary Pickford. The Wilshire Links, announced in the August 31, 1930 LA Times as a triumph of the "French ultra-modernistic style," was designed and constructed by United Artists artisans (Pickford cofounded the studio). The golf course, beautiful though it was, did not make it to the 1940s, but there was once a time when you could take a date to the Fox Theater, then adjourn to the mini-links for a little putt-putt with your sweetie.

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United Artists Theatre

933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA