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Front-Row Photos From Wilshire Grand's Record-Setting Pour

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[Photos by Elizabeth Daniels]

What's so special about pouring a bunch of concrete? Usually nothing, but this pouring for the Wilshire Grand holds the new record for longest continuous pour, was kicked off by the USC marching band (probably not cheap), and, with all those trucks criss-crossing through downtown, looked like something from the set of a heist movie set in the future. These photos from the site give some scale to the immense undertaking. It was reported that it took 200 trucks and 2,000 truckloads to bring in what looked like all the concrete in the world, to be slopped into a gaping hole in the ground by long, green hoses that looked like mantis arms, giving the scene a decidedly appropriate science-fiction feel. Once the concrete hardens (it will take two weeks), the four-star Wilshire Grand hotel (rumored to be either a Waldorf-Astoria or Grand Hyatt) will tower 73-stories over us, contain downtown's highest rooftop pool and a sky lobby.
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Wilshire Grand

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