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Sick Pad, Brah: $12.75MM LEED-Certified Laguna Mansion

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This four-bedroom, three-bathroom, environmentally-friendly mansion on the sand in Laguna Beach has been designed by AIA-award-winning Mark Singer to maximize the air flow of sea breezes into your home. Every glass surface opens to let the sweet salt air inside (and probably a little sand): there are bi-fold glass doors, multiple balconies, and walls that open to function as windows. The central courtyard contains 2,200-square-foot salt-water pool and a spa, or you could use your personal connection directly to the beach via a private staircase. Are the elevator, automated window shades, and Creston home automation system all run on solar power? We don't know, but this place is LEED certified, so they must be getting that power from somewhere sustainable. Hydroelectric, perhaps? Get your sandy hands on this lovely beachfront home for just $12,750,000.

· 990 Ocean Front, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 [Redfin]
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