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Drivers Wasting Several Lifetimes on the 5 Freeway Through LA

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LA County's shittiest freeway commute is shockingly not on the 101 or the 405, but on the 5 Freeway, which, if you're lucky enough not to know, wends its way through the Valley, Burbank, the Eastside, and Norwalk. The determination comes directly from Caltrans, which is now measuring how fast cars travel on California freeways via sensors under the pavement. Drivers wasted a total of 6.6 million hours inching and idling on the 5 in 2012, which adds up to 753 years. Caltrans considers vehicles traveling less than 35 miles per hour as suffering from "heavy congestion" and lumps their time into the "vehicle hours of delay" that make up that horrifying number above (LA County has six of the top 10 worst freeway commutes in the state). The 5, built a half-century ago, is a major route for OC commuters, as well as tourists trying to get to Disneyland. The freeway is currently being expanded to add carpool lanes, though that will hardly be a magic fix.
· L.A. County's I-5 named 'most congested freeway' in California [LADN]