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SaMo Making Michigan Avenue a Bike- and Ped-Friendly Zone

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[Images via Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway Concept Plan]

The traffic in Santa Monica isn't going to get any better, but the city's about to show walkers and pedestrians even more love. The Santa Monica City Council has just given the green light to the conceptual design for the Michigan Avenue Greenway, with aims to make this part of Michigan Avenue safer for pedestrians and cyclists by adding roundabouts, public art, and pocket parks, and creating traffic-slowing measures. The design approval means that Santa Monica can start applying for grants to fund the plans, says Santa Monica Next.

The greenway project, adorably nicknamed MANGo, will eventually extend for three miles and connect destinations like Santa Monica High School and the beach to the future Bergamot Expo Line Station. The design was voted in unanimously, but with two alterations, including one that means any traffic-diverting tools (like barricades and signs prohibiting turns at certain times) will require separate city council votes before they can be installed. The diverters were very divisive; many people in the neighborhood were not happy about potentially having to change their routes in and out of the 'hood. The city council also voted to use Safe Routes to Schools money toward making the area directly across from Santa Monica High School more ped- and bike-friendly. With more safe and easy ways to access the beach, there might be a whole lot more hooky-playing.
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