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Buy a 1930 Greek Revival in Hollywood Once Owned by Old-Timey Teen Star Deanna Durbin

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While we don't have any hard data to support this, lately there seems to be a marked increase in the number of listings relying on amateur photography to flog their houses, and not just on the lower end of the market, but for big-ticket properties too. Case in point, the listing for this 1930 Greek Revival at the base of the western Hollywood Hills. Per its description, the 4,320-square-foot residence was once the home of wholesome '30s and '40s singer/actress Deanna Durbin, and it features "5 bedrooms, 5 beautiful tiled bathrooms," hardwood floors, marble fireplaces, and "magical mature gardens." Granted, the 40-or-so photos are far from the worst. In fact some of them are actually kinda nice—it's a pity that they're close-ups of bric-a-brac such as perfume decanters, pillows, ornate headboards, and antique chandeliers rather than shots of say, the kitchen or a couple more of those "beautiful tiled bathrooms." Especially given the .34-acre property's asking price: $3.1 million.
* We have since been informed that the wrong set of pictures had been uploaded to the MLS; post has been updated with official listing photos.

· 7922 Hollywood Blvd [Estately]