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Los Angeles on Its Way to Legalizing Backyard Beekeeping

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Los Angeles is finally on its way to legalizing backyard beekeeping, which has stayed illegal all this time despite a collapsing bee population and the rise of urban agriculture of many other stripes (urban beekeeping is legal in other big cities like San Francisco and New York City). The City Council passed a cluster of resolutions in support of bees, but most crucially, one that has the Department of City Planning prepare a study on allowing beekeeping in the city's single-family neighborhoods. Another motion requires the Bureau of Street Services to work on rescuing and relocating wild bee colonies rather than exterminating them (and promoting same to the public). According to founder/beekeeper Rob McFarland (as quoted by the AP), "LA has an ideal climate and a ton for bees to forage on and is emerging as a real epicenter of urban beekeeping." Neighborhood councils were overwhelmingly supportive of legalization.
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