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Here is LA's First Legal Mural in a Very Long Time

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Last summer, Los Angeles legalized murals again after a 10-year banishment (they'd been closed with advertising and banned). Last fall, they issued permit #01, for a collaboration between two of LA's most famous street artists—Shepard Fairey and Risk—on the side of the Rossmore Hotel in Skid Row. On Monday, that mural was finally finished. Here it is. Risk painted the backgrounds last year and Fairey added the stenciling on top, which includes Clash and Led Zeppelin lyrics, on Monday.

The project is a collaboration between the nonprofit Skid Row Housing Trust (which builds supportive housing) and Daniel Lahoda's LA Freewalls project; the LA Times reports they plan to put up "as many as 30 murals in the area by a variety of artists." Lahoda says "Homeless people should have as much beautiful art on their living room walls as wealthy collectors."

KCET reported in October that mural permit #02 was expected to go to a Ron English piece for Jesse and Imperial Streets in the Arts District.

[Images via LA Freewalls Project]

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