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City Refuses to Give Up Mistreated Florence Nightingale Statue

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The Florence Nightingale statue in Lincoln Park is in dire need of an Lady of the Lake-style makeover. The poor woman, an icon of modern nursing, is missing her trusty lamp, while her makeshift, discolored hands are affixed to her wrists by wire, and the 75-year-old statue is actually in better shape than it was in the aughts, when she had no hands and was marred by tagging (she's also been shot at and had her nose torn off). Recently, workers spruced up the entrance to Lincoln Park, but didn't fix up poor Flo, so the Western Conservancy of Nursing History at Azusa Pacific University offered to take the statue and care for it on their campus. But, even though the city has no money to do it themselves, they nixed that idea, saying the statue is a "city asset." Now Councilmember Gil Cedillo is looking to find money—probably no more than $10k—to resuscitate the statue, although that doesn't mean she won't be quickly tarnished again.
· City may offer a helping hand to fix Florence Nightingale statue [Eastsider LA]