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Wilshire/Western Tower Downgraded to 6-Story Mixed-User

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That dusty two-acre lot east of Koreatown's Wilshire/Western subway station could finally see some long-planned action, but it'll be way scaled-down from what was planned for the site back in the aughts. Once envisioned as the site of a landmark 40-story tower and a neighborhood park, 3670 Wilshire will now most likely become home to the new twenty-first-century symbol of LA: the six-story mixed-use building.

Those old plans died in the recession and a new owner bought the lot three years ago. Architecture firm Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh (behind the similar-looking Blvd6200) designed the new project, which will have 377 apartments, 8,460 square feet of retail, and 710 parking spots (which seems like a lot, since the retail will likely be banks or quick-service restaurants that will attract residents, pedestrians, and subway/bus patrons). A skyscraper would have been nice, but a park was even more desperately needed in this concrete-laden area—that grassy lawn in front of the office building next door doesn't count.
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