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Townhouses Headed For Forum-Adjacent Site in Inglewood

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[Images via The Shopoff Group]

There's yet more action going on in the central/northern area of Inglewood—the site of the shuttered Daniel Freeman Hospital has just sold to a group that plans to put up a whole bunch of townhouses. First Church of God and developers Shopoff Group bought the property in December, says the LA Business Journal, and could build as many as 363 townhouses (Shopoff's site says there will only be 272). Right now the site is home to seven buildings, which have been mostly vacant since the hospital shut down about seven years ago. But in 18 to 24 months, there should be residences ready for the buying, says Shopoff. The townhouses will be coming into a pretty up-and-coming area (dare we say a little LA Live South?)—just up the street from the newly-redone Forum, the forthcoming mega-mixed-use complex at the Hollywood Park site, and the rumored site of a future soccer team.

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