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Lincoln Blvd. Gets Hippie-Friendly Corner of Love Mini-Park

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A group of volunteers known as Beautify Lincoln has been trying to de-uglify the notoriously shabby boulevard by painting murals on Lincoln's blank walls, and more recently, they've partnered with business owners to fund and build Corner of Love (hard to even to type), which brought a rock garden, benches, steel art sculptures, and drought-tolerant vegetation to a Lincoln-facing former parking lot at Pier Avenue. But it's more than a quiet spot to wait for the bus, according to Beautify Lincoln: "The Corner of Love is inspired by the question, 'Who will you be?' … This Valentine's Day, The Corner of Love invites you to take a moment to sit on a bench, gaze upon the wall, and dive into your heart to explore your untapped passions." Beautify Lincoln also notes that people are touching the mural's shadow figures to feel the power emanating from the wall, while others are meditating along the serene street. Of course.
· Corner of Love [Official Site]