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Kitschy "Fiesta-Ready" Pad in the Hills Asking $1.9 Million

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This magical house is accurately described in the listing "[i]f Walt Disney had intersected Main Street with Olvera Street." Good call on the Disney influences. Who else but old Walt would whimsically include three playful, totally non-frightening monkey dolls to watch over you in the restroom? It's also way more Enchanted Tiki Room than Olvera Street—look at all that rattan!—so that's double the Disney. The four-bedroom, six-and-a-half-bathroom Spanish Revival house, built in 1930, is chock-full of other amenities too: a tippling fish mounted over the bar, a bathroom sink that may very well be a giant shell, plus a "fully-tiled pool and spa; 'Tiki Room' pool house; studio/recreation room; 'Nido de Amor'; guest house ... family room/cantina with commercial-grade bar; professional kitchen; [and] dramatic public rooms ..." This home isn't just for entertaining, it is entertaining. The party pad is yours for $1.9 million.

· 3205 DOS PALOS Dr [Redfin]