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Getting to Know LA's Most Mundane/Iconic Architectural Type

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The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design is Kickstarting a book that will be titled Dingbat 2.0 and explore the past, present, and future of those ubiquitous (earthquake-vulnerable) apartment buildings with units cantilevered over the parking, supported only by a few spindly poles: "the first critical study of the most ubiquitous and mundane building type in Los Angeles: the dingbat." While cookie cutter apartment buildings may not be as exciting as a huge new starchitect-designed project to some, LAFAUD thinks their book can create a more widespread appreciation for the structure they call "an essential part of the urban fabric of Los Angeles." LAFAUD is the same group that held a competition about four years back to design a new dingbat for the modern day; the book incorporates submissions from the competition, as well as essays by design writers.

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