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Derby Dolls's Doll Factory in HiFi to Be Demolished For Condos

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The Doll Factory, the Historic Filipinotown warehouse that's home to the LA Derby Dolls roller derby team, is set to be torn down. As they note, the neighborhood is starting to draw the interest of developers: "The Derby Dolls have always been urban pioneers setting out for uncharted LA neighborhoods - putting down stakes, strapping on skates, and helping to revitalize entire zip codes. We know our job is done when the landlord wants to demolish our arena and put up condos." (Info from 2007 on the city's zoning website says there are plans for a mixed-use development with 205 market-rate units, 46 affordable units, and groundfloor retail.) The team has been playing at the Doll Factory rink for six and a half years—they first formed in 2003—and is now trying to raise $100,000 for a new facility at an undisclosed location (they have seven weeks to raise an additional $85,000). Maybe they can take over the long-rotting Bates Motel?

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