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Los Feliz's Dumb Starbucks Was a Comedy Central Thing

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Here's the story behind Dumb Starbucks, the fake coffee shop that had everyone abuzz about copyright law this weekend: Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder revealed himself in the parking lot of the shop's Los Feliz stripmall at 4 pm this afternoon; his Comedy Central show Nathan For You is about his fakeish adventures in being very terrible at business. But he obviously underestimated the internet's thirst for a good viral story and accidentally succeeded in this case—this morning there was a line winding out the door of Dumb Starbucks (which is just like a real Starbucks, but with "dumb" in front of everything). Sure, the coffee was free, but it reportedly wasn't that great or anything. According to Deadline, Fielder "acknowledged that since Dumb Starbucks currently lacks health permits 'legally speaking, we are operating as an art gallery.'" He also announced that Dumb Starbucks would be expanding to Brooklyn, duh.