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Rams Owner Buys In Inglewood, Spectacular Joshua Tree Home

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[Rudolph Schindler's last house, the Schlessinger Residence has come back on the market for $1.149 million]

This Week's Top Stories: The most amazing Joshua Tree house/ spaceship/ rock formation we'd never heard of is now for sale for $3 million. There was more eye candy this week, with the release of new renderings of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, an adaptive reuse of the May Company building at Wilshire and Fairfax. A cool program is in the works to convert some cruddy alleys in South LA into community spaces, which one commenter accurately notes "is total urban-planner circle-jerking." Indeed! The John Lautner designed volcano house in Palm Springs, formerly owned by Bob Hope, has undergone a pricechop of $16 million after sitting on the market for a year. Did you see it? There were drops of water falling from the sky over Los Angeles this week for the first time in a long time, and it got kind of damp for a few minutes. The owner of the St. Louis Rams just purchased a big plot of land in Inglewood, potentially to be used as the site of a new stadium or just leverage to squeeze dollars out of poor St. Louis. Updated renderings of USC's replacement project for the old University Village show a refined looking faux-brick extension of the sort of architecture USC has been pushing for years.