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Reddit Says LA is the Most Disappointing Place in the World

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Los Angeles is the fourth most popular travel destination in the US among tourists foreign and domestic, sure, but how many of those visitors are actually enjoying their trips? Redditors have been sounding off about the world-wide travel destinations that were a "total disappointment" to them, and according to the scientific tallying of Yahoo! Travel, Los Angeles emerged as the number one most disappointing place to visit. In the world. While some may be thinking, "Sweet! Smaller crowds at the Grove!", others may be wondering what about LA could be so disappointing while also staying enough of a secret that no one would know to expect it? Were all these people trying to walk up to the Hollywood Sign?

Gripes with LA mainly fall into a few categories:

It's gritty
"I don't dislike the city by any means, I just didn't expect the contrast of homeless people sleeping next to stars on the 'Walk of Fame'."
"[T]here was a certain charm to Santa Monica and Venice (if you look past all the.. well wackos)." (Someone does respond to this commenter, reminding him or her that "The wackos are what made Venice.")

It's huge and jam-packed and there are many cars
"LA was an urban sprawl, dangerous and impossible to get under the skin of. I like a city that you can get to know on foot. LA is the opposite of that."
"LA is slow but (unless it's a hot day) everyone's on the same team ... The city's just too full of cars."

Wait, Hollywood is a tourist trap?
"LA kind of forces you to go into the crappy parts. Hell, Hollywood was the crappiest part of LA I visited."
"Hollywood is a major disappointment."

LA did have plenty of defenders, though, people who stood up for the area's amazing food, beautiful beaches, wonderful hiking, and non-Hollywood neighborhoods. The other good news is that, according to the Yahoo! count, Redditors who responded to the query felt that the Pyramids (#2) were also a big letdown, Stonehenge (#3) was "anti-climactic," and Paris (#4) was dirty and smelled like pee. Tough crowd.
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