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Shaggy Culver City Shack With Recording Studio Asking $699k

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Although seven years have elapsed since this Culver City property was last on the market, its previous listing is still available for viewing. Having perused said listing, we'd like to offer our compliments to whichever person had the bright idea to conceal the building's heinous stucco exterior behind a thick shroud of ivy (or is it creeping fig?). As for the 873-square-foot residence's interior, well, unless you enjoy writing home from '80s-era vacation condos, it's nothing to write home about, apart from the "acoustic treated music studio," that is. Per the listing, it's also got "updated plumbing, roof, electrical, central A/C & heat, and a tankless water heater." Sited on a 1,086-square-foot lot, it's asking $699,000.

· 9052 POINSETTIA Ct [Redfin]