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Two NFL Teams Sniffing Around Possible Carson Stadium Site

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According to the well-sourced rumors, Los Angeles will be getting its own football team (or maybe two) within the next two years, but it's still totally uncertain where that team would play. There are three potential stadium sites—in Downtown, Inglewood, and the City of Industry—and now there's a fourth in Carson. Two unnamed teams have shown interest in a 172-acre property near the 405/110 interchange that today hosts Victoria Park and a golf course. The site is owned by LA County and sits on a former landfill, reports the LA Business Journal.

According to a developer who's buying into the golf course, reps for two NFL teams (he won't say which ones, but they're "widely considered to be looking to move") have reached out to him to inquire about the land and it sounds like the plan is to have the site host two teams. Any stadium would probably also include a lot of related entertainment development too.

There's been talk of a Carson football stadium for years now, but nothing really solid ever emerged. Even now, there aren't any hard-and-fast plans—the developer said he was interested in running a golf course and it's the NFL teams approaching him.

This Carson site has good freeway access, large size, and OC-adjacency going for it. But it's also going to require some serious cleanup, since it's on top of a landfill. And since the site is on county-owned land, any plans for new construction would also have to go to the Board of Supervisors. All that will probably put it a couple of years behind competing stadium plans: the proposed Farmers Field in Downtown LA; the nice, big Inglewood site that Rams owner Stan Kroenke happens to own; or a City of Industry location that, last we heard, was losing steam. The NFL has also reportedly been interested in land around or under Dodger Stadium, but there's no formal plan for that site.
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