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Justin Bieber Renting the $59k/Month Bev Hills Salad Spinner

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Yes, this glassy salad-spinner-looking house in Beverly Hills is the one, Justin Bieber. It's weird and baller and it sits on more than half an acre, far away from any neighbors who will definitely grow to hate you if you let them know you're there. Stay there forever. (Or keep moving, because your real estate hijinks are fun to write about.)

Having been arrested for throwing eggs at his neighbor's house, Biebs sold his McMansion in Calabasas to Khloe Kardashian back in the spring and moved into the fancy 432 Oakhurst condos in Beverly Hills, where his fussy neighbors immediately started complaining to the police about the parties and weed smoke. He rented a reality show house in the Hills, but it turned out that was strictly for partying. And he probably won't stay at this house, designed by Ed Niles and built in 2009 as a dream house for developer Raffi Cohen, who abandoned it when he started a family, because TMZ reports the lease is only short-term.

The house sold in March this year for $10.5 million and went up for rent last month at $59,000 a month. It comes with six bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a glass-enclosed courtyard, seven-car garage, an elevator even though it's only two floors, and a pool.

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