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Sweet, Petite 1950s Ranch in Pasadena Asking $528k

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Built in 1950, this new listing in Pasadena probably isn't the best place for someone who owns a lot of stuff, as the two-bedroom, one-bath ranch measures in at a compact 943 square feet. The Shetland-size house also has a few cosmetic issues that need to be addressed, such as its sad wall-to-wall carpet and icky kitchen linoleum. But it's also got plenty of features in its favor, including charming vintage fixtures, tile, cabinetry, and countertops, a beamed-ceiling living room with expansive glass wall, and a tidy back garden. Last but not least, the property is sited on a roomy 7,481-square-foot lot that's zoned R2, per the listing (meaning you can put another residence on it). Asking price is $528,000.

· 3303 E DEL MAR Blvd [Redfin]