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Mapping the Most Parking-Ticketed Blocks in All of Los Angeles

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The LA Times has taken a look at every parking ticket handed out in Los Angeles in 2012 for street-sweeping violations and found the most ticketed 'hood of all is Hollywood. The two most dangerous blocks for parking, meanwhile, were on Hawthorne and North Sycamore Avenues, which combined account for around 1,500 tickets. In all of 2012, Hollywood received more than 30,000 tickets related to street cleaning. First runner-up Venice got nearly 23,000. But even within those 'hoods, there are some blocks that bear the brunt of the ticket burden and some that seem to get off scot free.

The Times's interactive map allows for down-to-the-block examination of parking ticket practices and it reveals that there are some shockingly heavily ticketed hotspots from the Valley to the Westside, blocks where drivers might as well just paint targets on their windshields when they park. (Most of the Eastside, with the exception of Boyle Heights, was among the lesser ticketed areas in LA.)

The analysis of the ticketing data found that denser neighborhoods where street parking is already hard to come by are more likely to rack up citations. City officials say that dense areas are typically the ones that need the most sweeping, so cleanings are more regular there, and ticketings abound. Parking reform advocates (it's a thing!) argue that street-cleaning seems to happen a lot less than it's scheduled to, but tickets go out regardless. Mayor Garcetti recently promised refunds to anyone who got a street-cleaning ticket on a day when the sweeper did not actually pass through.

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