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11 Must-See Photos From the Big Los Angeles Rainstorm

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How about this rain, huh? Not too light, not too heavy—it's not enough to save Los Angeles from its years-long drought, but it's been good enough to deluge the LA River and its feeder washes with fast-flowing water, fill up a trash can in 100 seconds, and require a lot of dogs to wear booties and raincoats. It might have even been a "perfect storm," says the LA Times, in the sense that it's been a volume of water that the ground can, for the most part, absorb—especially in areas burned by the Colby Fire earlier this year. Let's hope this perfection lasts; there's more rain expected today and a little tomorrow. Until then, here are eleven photos of the storm and what's come of it across LA.

How do you fill a trash can with water in a 100 seconds? #larain

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· Southern California may have had the perfect rainstorm [LAT]