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Meet Hunter Leggitt: Designer-Builder and Curbed Young Gun

Architect Hunter Leggitt is just 33, but he's already had a varied career, having designed large commercial buildings, a house featured on the cover of Dwell, and a massive stage for SoCal's Coachella Music Festival. Still, the project that Leggitt is most proud of is a modest, 1,100-square-foot cabin near Lake Isabella, in the high desert near California's Sequoia National Park.

Hunter Leggitt Studio's 510 Cabin (above), as that project was called, was built over the course of a year with the assistance of seven architectural student apprentices. It marks the first in what the Curbed Young Gun intends to be a series of side projects that offer aspiring or freshly-minted architects an intensive real-world education.

'I wanted to be on a coast where all the design was' >>