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Here's the House Moby's Moving to After Selling Wolf's Lair

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Noted architecture lover and electronic musician Moby's just-sold last home, the famed replica castle Wolf's Lair compound, which overlooks the Hollywood Reservoir, is a hard act to follow. This remodeled 1925 Tudor in Los Feliz right next to Fern Dell Park (and in the celeb-filled The Oaks neighborhood) may not have sweeping views or an old secret speakeasy bar like the Lair, but it does have a very charming brick entry, 11-foot ceilings in the living room, a butler's pantry, a new pool, and a pool house with vaulted ceilings, and that's apparently good enough for Moby.

Modern additions to the house include a fire-resistant roof and dual glazed windows and doors. How nice it must be for Moby to move into a house that doesn't call for $2-million worth of renovations (which is how much he spent fixing up Wolf's Lair)! TMZ notes that Moby scored a nice deal on this place, too—it was listed in July for $3.295 million, but he paid $2.99 million.

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