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All the Data You Could Ever Want on Walking, Driving, Riding, and Parking Along Bustling Broadway

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Downtown's Broadway is in stage one of a big plan to rejigger the street from Second to Eleventh, widening sidewalks, expanding curbs for protected parking, adding more public space for people to gather—ideally calming the flow of traffic and building a space that appeals to even more pedestrians that it already does. In this initial phase of the ultimate plan, planters, tables, and chairs have been set up on a section of the street, and car traffic's been limited to three total lanes along 10 blocks. To help judge how well it's working, LADOT and People St. have compiled data on Broadway's pre-makeover conditions for cars, buses, bikes, pedestrians, and even businesses, and turned the info into a thorough report with heaps of colorful graphics depicting everything from which Broadway intersection is the most crash-prone to which crosswalk is the most dangerous for walkers. The report will set a baseline for analysis of a 2015 report on the post-"dress rehearsal" street. It's no surprise that the report shows there's room for improvement and a lot of potential for a more bustling Broadway.

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